• Linguistic Validation

    Subject recruitment for linguistic validation is one of our specialties.

  • Translation > Proofreading > Editing

    A proven process involving up to three linguists to ensure the quality of your translation.

  • A Solid History of Translation

    We have been creating quality translations for over a decade in a number of world languages.

  • What we do . . .

    Our company offers translation, proofreading and editing services for a number of industries and professional fields.  We work with close to a dozen languages weekly in areas as varied as arts & entertainment, film & television, business, education, engineering, government, IT, law, publishing, healthcare, science and technology.

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    Who we are . . .

    Languages are our business – it’s what we do for a living.  Since our company’s founding in 2004, we have gone on to work with languages as varied as Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Flemish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, among many others.  In some language combinations we have done nearly every subject matter out there - so feel free to contact us to learn more about what our linguists can do for your project.

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    Linguistic Validation:

    Linguistic Validation – Current Projects (All Languages)

    Taalkundige validatie – Huidige projecten in het Nederlands

    Validation linguistique – Projets actuels en français

    Sprachliche Validierung – Aktuelle Projekte für deutsche Texte

    Validación lingüística – Proyectos actuales en español

    Validação linguística – Projetos atuais em português

    Лингвистическая валидация > Текущие проекты на русском языке