Germanic Languages

Originally spoken only in northern Europe, the Germanic languages have been brought to all corners of the world in just the last few centuries of human history.  There are currently over 500 million native speakers, making this language family one of the most influential in terms of international communication.

Spectrum Translation works with the following West Germanic languages of Europe and America:  Dutch, English and German.  The vast majority of our work involves at least one of these three languages.

We will also be glad to handle requests for Afrikaans, the West Germanic language native to South Africa and Namibia.

In addition, we do substantial amounts of work in the North Germanic or Scandinavian languages:  Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.

Feel free to contact us for all your Germanic language needs.

Some Language Notes

The Germanic languages are believed to have stemmed from a hypothetical Proto-Germanic language which was spoken in northern continental Europe and Scandinavia sometime after 500 BC.

Proto-Norse, the earliest stage of a characteristically North Germanic or Scandinavian language, developed from the 2nd century AD onwards.

Germanic Languages Curio

The earliest evidence of the Germanic languages comes from names recorded in the 1st century AD by Tacitus, in particular from his work Germania.  The earliest Germanic writing occurs in a single instance in the 2nd century BC on the Negau helmet.