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Spectrum Translation offers individual, tailored courses in Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, English, French and Japanese.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your language proficiency.

We have been providing one-on-one language instruction – Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, English and French – since 2006.  We have experience in all of these languages and Hindi and Japanese at a number of levels of study.

A large part of the Spectrum Translation method involves listening – academic studies have shown that the time spent listening to a language, especially in the early stages of language acquisition, should far exceed the hours spent speaking.  This is to ensure that the student begins early on to grasp the nature of the language’s sound system and intonation, and tones for tonal languages, before developing set patterns of speaking based on one’s native language,* which are later quite difficult to undo.

So our teachers always provide large amounts of listening material in the form of CDs, mp3s and video so that the student’s exposure is increased to the maximum possible from the very beginning.

Homework is generally minimal, based on the student’s goals and motivation, but listening time outside of class is an important part of all Spectrum Translation courses.  (Time spent writing characters outside of class is generally required for character languages such as Chinese.)

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* Several studies have shown that simple exposure to a language, in any form, encourages the brain to create new neurons adapted to handling the language.  This occurs even in adult life, which is why listening is such an important part of the learning process.

Otherwise the second language learner will simply be producing the language from patterns previously put in place by the native language, eventually developing an immunity to the language’s sounds and native rhythms, intonations and tones – that is, the student will have a strong accent and always appear to be ‘thinking’ when producing the language.

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branch of physalis with lanterns changing from orange to yellow,Mandarin Chinese

Spectrum Translation has a native Mandarin Chinese instructor from Jiangsu Province, China, who has extensive experience teaching both foreign and heritage learners* of all ages.  She has taught UK, US, French, Dutch and Belgian nationals the Chinese language at various levels, from beginner to advanced.

With a degree in both Education and Journalism from Chinese universities in Nanjing and Beijing, her background in Chinese language, history and culture is solid.  From the very first lesson as much Chinese is spoken as possible, and CDs and mp3 recordings are provided for listening outside of class time.

One of her specializations is ‘Chinese for Children’ – her years in education and time spent teaching heritage learners makes her particularly suited to this type of instruction.

Classes are also available for small groups, including businesspeople and tourists travelling to China, according to availability.

Classroom settings in the Netherlands and online classroom instruction are both available.

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* Heritage learners now make up a substantial portion of all students of Chinese in North America and Europe.  These are mostly the children or grandchildren of immigrants from Chinese-speaking countries who have varying levels of knowledge of Chinese language and culture, from beginner to near-native.

Often they speak a regional dialect of Chinese (for example, Fujianese, i.e., the Hokkien dialect) or Cantonese at home, which knowledge can be used by the teacher to the advantage of Mandarin Chinese language acquisition.


Tulip RowSpectrum Translation offers courses in Dutch language for those who, having some type of relationship with the Netherlands or Belgium, need to learn the language.

We offer both in-person, one-on-one instruction in the Netherlands as well as online courses.

Please contact us to learn more about our Dutch language courses.