East Asian Languages

Spectrum Translation offers language services for all of East Asia’s national languages, i.e., Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  Our clients’ requests for Chinese and Japanese translation in particular have increased threefold in recent years.

Our company has translated large volumes of Chinese, Japanese and, to a lesser extent, Korean.  We are available for new projects working into or from these national languages of East Asia.

We now have linguists for all of these languages with specializations as varied as agriculture, education, government, the law, medicine, personal development, politics and science, among many others.

Feel free to contact us for your East Asian language needs.

East Asian Languages Curio

Chinese culture dominated much of East Asia (for this reason termed by some the ‘Sinosphere’) for centuries, resulting in a large influx of Chinese vocabulary, concepts and ideas into the languages surrounding it.

Today, for example, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese have large numbers of words of Chinese origin.  This Sino-Xenic vocabulary, originally written with Chinese characters, still plays an important role in these languages’ modern usage.

As an example, some 20% of modern Japanese speech is Sino-Xenic, and as much as 60% of the lexicon in a standard Japanese dictionary has come from the Chinese.