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Spectrum Translation offers translation, proofreading and localization services in a number of language combinations.  The main languages we provide are listed below according to language family and/or geographical region.   

Despite the volume of our professional activity, in a variety of modern industries, we remain linguists at heart – so arranging our languages in this way for our clients is only second nature to us.

If you need a language not shown on our website, please contact us to learn more about whether your language combination is possible at Spectrum Translation.  

Languages at Spectrum Translation:  An Overview

Indo-European Languages

– (West) Germanic Languages: Afrikaans, Dutch, English, German

Romance Languages: Catalan, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Scandinavian Languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Slavic Languages: Croatian, Czech, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Ukrainian (others on request)

Baltic Languages: Latvian, Lithuanian

Finno-Ugric Languages:

Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian

East Asian Languages:

Chinese, Japanese, Korean

South Asian Languages:

Bengali, Hindi, Marathi (others on request)

African Languages:

Afrikaans (others on request)

Other languages are available on request.

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The Frequency of Language:  The Language Pages at Spectrum Translation

On these pages you’ll find a short introduction to the services we offer for each language.  We have also included ‘Some Language Notes’ and ‘Curios’, which offer a bit of background and a chance to view each language or language family from a new perspective.

We have also included a flower or plant – where possible, a national flower – to help illustrate the ‘frequency’ of each language.  Languages, as with so many other expressions of a land and its people, are akin to a frequency – a fact which our linguists appreciate and which has often spurred them to choose one language over another for their studies and professional activities.

We hope that you enjoy the language pages of the Spectrum Translation website.

Note:  Some of the content of our language pages has been drawn from Wikipedia and other online sources.  This is done according to the most current Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License (