Our Linguists

Spectrum Translation, a company with global reach, continues to maintain a close, personal working relationship with all of its linguists.

We have worked with some of our translators for nearly a decade.  We know their strengths and specialist fields and try to put them on the projects for which they are best suited.

The majority of the linguists on file here have degrees in Translation Studies in addition to experience or training in other fields.  This allows them to focus on specific subject areas and develop their skills in specific industries, such as legal, medical, engineering or scientific translations.

Others have a more general background (for example, in the humanities) and choose to concentrate on developing their writing style, eventually going on to handle our marketing, educational, journalistic and literary assignments.

A typical Spectrum Translation linguist will have a BA in his/her source language, an MA or a relevant diploma in Translation Studies and additional training in editing and one or more specific subject matters.