Our company has been crafting quality translations in nearly 20 language combinations for more than a decade.  The linguists at Spectrum Translation will be glad to handle your translation project if it falls within one of their specializations, which are wide-ranging and encompass a number of modern industries.

Spectrum Translation was founded on one guiding principle – through our translations, to eliminate the language barrier for our clients.

We spend our days transferring written content from one language to another – the source and target languages respectively – and sometimes to several languages.

We have experience in the following fields:

BUSINESS:  websites, marketing, press releases, human resources, insurance, real estate, etc.

BANKING/FINANCE:  annual accounts, accounting, financial summaries, etc.

GOVERNMENT:  civil status documentation, immigration, city planning, etc.

LAW:  contracts of all kinds, EU legislation, maritime law, court cases, etc.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY:  hardware, software, manuals, etc.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY:  agriculture, horticulture, biology, chemistry, epigenetics, genetics, engineering, physics, environmental preservation, natural history, wildlife, renewable (‘green’) energy, sustainable development, patents, etc.

HEALTHCARE:  patient information, medical studies, medical devices, hospital websites & brochures, etc.

EDUCATION:  university course curricula & programs, personal development courses, workshops, coaching, etc.

ARTS & HUMANITIES:  academics (MA and PhD theses), art history, history, journalism, museum brochures & exhibits, art exhibitions, literature, poetry, graphic novels, etc.