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  • One would think that the source language would depend on one’s geographical location.


    SOURCE LANGUAGE: The language of the text or file given to us for translation, proofreading, or editing.  This can be provided in paper, digital (Excel, PDF, Word), audio (mp3) or video format.

    One would think that the source language would depend on one’s geographical location.  To some extent it does – so, as we are in the Netherlands, we get a lot of Dutch, English, French, and German requests – but we at Spectrum Translation have discovered that this is less important than it used to be.

    Source languages of the last year (2017) have included some 50 languages from all areas of the world, from Afrikaans and Albanian to Japanese and Kazakh, on through Xhosa.

    Spectrum Translation can handle the majority of languages in the sources provided for us to work with.  We will be glad to assess your project individually, offering a universal standard of translation, proofreading, and editing, keeping your specific requirements in mind.

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    We can respond to messages written in Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese.

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