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    TARGET LANGUAGE:  The aim of a good translation.  More than just words, the target language includes such things as style, tone, register, nuance, and cultural sensitivity. Technical competency combines with depth of knowledge and feeling to create a good target text.

    The target language is the language we work into and is always the translator’s native language.  The result of years of the linguist’s development in his/her field and specialization, it is more than just ‘input/output’, common in today’s CAT (computer aided translation) industry.

    We have found that – no surprise – the best translators are also professional writers, fully aware of the styles, registers, and lexicon available to them as they transfer one language’s content and style into another.

    The target languages offered at Spectrum Translation reflect the breadth of backgrounds and specializations of our linguists, translators, editors, and writers.

    We’ll always put the best person for the job on your project, taking all of the above factors into consideration.

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