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  • GermanA Vital Language of Europe

    Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland

    One hundred million people speak German in Europe, and another 15 million worldwide use the language for communication. It is also important for research and culture – the second most commonly used language, after English, for science, it is also the fifth language in terms of newly published books.

    German still derives most of its vocabulary from its Germanic roots, at the same time enjoying substantial contributions from both Latin and Greek. It has a broad range of dialects and includes national varieties such as those of Austria and Switzerland. It is also a national language of Belgium, with around 75,000 speakers in the eastern part of the country.

    Spectrum Translation has specialized in German since 2005. We have translated and localized German for Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, working from any number of source languages.

    We welcome your queries regarding successful translation, proofreading, and editing in this vital language of Europe.

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